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July 06 2020

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July 05 2020

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July 04 2020

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June 26 2020

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June 20 2020

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June 14 2020

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June 12 2020

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June 04 2020

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June 03 2020

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May 30 2020

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Archaeologists Excavate a Stunning Roman Mosaic That’s Untarnished From an Italian Vineyard

Images via Myko Clelland

Archaeologists made an extraordinary discovery this week when they uncovered a pristine mosaic that’s been hidden underneath feet of soil since the 3rd century. Situated in a private vineyard in the town of Negrar di Valpolicella, the tile flooring is believed to be part of an ancient Domus, the style of home owned by wealthy residents. Since October of 2019, excavators have been working to outline the building’s perimeters and dig for notable artifacts. Town officials say they’re working to make the discovery available to the public as more is exposed.

Locals have thought the vineyard contained Roman ruins since at least the 19th century, and archaeologists have unearthed similar mosaics since the 1960s. The site is near Verona, which boasts many of the civilization’s ruins, like the Piazza delle Erbe, Arena, and Piazza Bra, is believed to contain more hidden artifacts, architecture, and infrastructure underneath its soil. (via The History Blog)


Image via Soprintendenza Verona

Image via Soprintendenza Verona

Rieccoci! Per chi volesse saperne di più 👇🚧🔝✨🍷


May 29 2020

May 23 2020

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