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July 20 2017

Alle glücklichen Familien gleichen einander, jede unglückliche Familie ist auf ihre eigene Weise unglücklich
— Leo Tolstoi
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July 18 2017

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July 17 2017

Felix Meyer "Gummibaumblätter" 

July 16 2017

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Moon bowl.
10.5" diameter. 4" high. Glazed black with a hint of red at the rim. Gold and silver lustred stars and galaxy within the middle.
Underside is modelled to recreate the surface of our moon and is left unglazed.
Available as a one off concept bowl ..never to be remade at

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July 13 2017

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July 12 2017

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which game is this?

June 30 2017

Wir regeln das...
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which can be rearranged and simplified as:
no * life = yes -> shortened to
nolife= yes (as you would with "x*b = c" to "xb=c").

but I like your positive attitude here ;)

June 25 2017

June 24 2017

No life is yes? I would say it's an unsound statement
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